When will we decide to stop ignoring the rainwater dripping through the roof of our house?

There is hidden damage we don’t speak about.

And I’ve never felt lonelier then in these days.

You and me, stuck under this damned roof.

Sunlight doesn’t get through the windows,

They’re too cracked from the abuse.

Premeditated murder ripped a hole in our home,

And you still wondered why I wouldn’t sleep there anymore.

In a bed: you, me and the puddle.

If you cover it with blankets it won’t fix it;

Only mold dare grow.

So I decided to build my own home.

Just me, my peace,

And no leaking roofs.

When storms shake the walls so hard they look like giving out;

I’ll be out battling the worrysome weather.

Constantly building,


Into something that doesn’t need you.


Megan Riches (@DaddyDartz)